Redistributable Common Control version 4.72

In addition to just supplying the file, the upgrade is provided with flags that can be used  by developers to perform a comctl32 upgrade automatically as part of a Visual Basic set-up routine.  The following is taken from the Microsoft MSDN page detailing the availability of this update.

The comctl32.dll has been updated to provide improved stability on the Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms. Developers are free to ship the entire self-extracting archive with their software and may call it directly from their set-up. They may not ship the comctl32.dll separate from the self-extracting archive (40comupd.exe).

The following flags can be used to minimize the UI thrown by this archive:

Note: it will be necessary for users to reboot before utilizing this control.

Download comctl32.dll version 4.72  (self-extracting archive named '40comupd.exe', about 500K)