NetMon 2.0

Your Internet Performance Monitor

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About NetMon 2.0
NetMon 2.0 monitors the number of bytes per second transferred over your Internet connection. A graph of the last ten minutes' activity is maintained by NetMon for as long as your Internet connection is open.

NetMon supports only released versions of Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking. This includes Win95, Win95a, Win95b (OSR2), DUN 1.1, and DUN 1.2. Direct network connections, NT4, other Internet dialers, and online services that don't use DUN are not currently supported.

Why should I use NetMon
NetMon provides you with information about your Internet connection. NetMon lets you know how much information is flowing in and out of your computer. This information can be used to determine how well a download is progressing or how busy an Internet server is. NetMon provides its information in a small, easy-to-understand window (see above graphic)

NetMon was written in pure 'C' code to minimize the .EXE size and memory footprint. NetMon was also designed to have a minimal impact on CPU utilization. This ensures that NetMon will not interfere with any other programs that are running.

How to register NetMon
Registration is simple:

  • Jump to our order form and place your order
  • Within 24 hours you will be emailed your registration keys which will unlock NetMon permanently.

Get your FREE evaluation download of NetMon version 2.0